Day 197: Expensive Distractions

Mu husband decided to watch a movie of Cameron Diaz, “The Other Woman”. As the title said, the movie was about the other women (2 mistresses) in a marriage. The wife finally found out that her husband was having affairs and that was the start of the story. For the first 45 minutes, I complained and complained about her reactions. Dramatic and depressed in 200x zoom lens. She finally said that the main reason of her reaction was because she doesn’t have a job and her own money. Ha!

At the half of the movie, those 3 women finally met and they planned up for a serious payback. They boosted him with some estrogen, mix his drinks with diuretic and searched through his fraud company. The role of Diaz was strong. She acted as a lawyer and she was the brain among those 3. She empower the other two women, including – well, especially, the wife. At the end, the wife filed a divorce. She was sure with her decision because after being used by her husband to sign on all his contracts – she decided to cash all of his money and make them hers. She gained her self-confidence and Diaz help her by empowering her. Not by dragging her out of her sorrow.

It is important to have hobbies and being passionate with what we do. Work is not just a status, it is a necessity. To build our profile and confidence. To shape our self-esteem and to pay our contribution to the society. Work can also save us from being merely an expensive distractions. We define who we are. We empower ourselves with our work. It is in our hands.

Have a good day!


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