Day 198: Carrying The Cross

How many times we take ‘the cross ‘ for granted? Everytime we make mistakes and the consequences line up, we always use the excuse of ‘This is my cross’. By doing so, we avoid the blame, we don’t want to be responsible for our actions.

Today, Fr Robert Wowor OFM taught us about the true meaning of carrying our cross – which is to accept our given condition without complain. Carrying our cross means accepting the facts that we have to live at the moment – without grumbling. Carrying our cross means that we live our present life, with no matter burdens we have, and let go off the good old days.

Jesus had carried the cross for us and He did that out of His love for us. I believe that by carrying our cross, we live the life of Jesus and deny ourselves. May God enable and strengthen us to carry our Cross.

Have a blessed day!

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