Day 199: A Little Hope

When you’re sick, there’s one thing in your head, how to get well soon. Being sick is an uncomfortable experience, in which we become dependent to others, we are not allowed to do or to be where we want to be. Being sick is a state where we become hopeful toward the grace of His love.

A little hope works as the seed of faith in the Bible. That little hope will make us believe that the best is yet to come. Sickness is the test of faith – sometimes the ultimate one.

I am at the hospital now. Visiting my Grandma who was hospitalized since last night after she passed out at home. She looks better now, but she is not the fit Grandma I used to know. I pray that she will gain her health, enjoy her life to the max and be happy in her 84 years of life. Love you, Ah Ma!

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