Day 200: Remembering Humanity

Aren’t you overwhelmed with the fact that humanity have no price tag? The everlasting dispute between Israel and Palestine, the shooting of MH-17 or the life of people in North Korea. I am not a politician and won’t be one. But I do care about humanity.

In my work, as a Clinical Psychologist, I meet a lot of people. Those who embrace humanity, their dignity on the right place – will be able to regain their strength and well-being. But for those who would sell their humanity for instant gratification – they would lose it for sure.

Lets pray together for those victims of Israel – Palestine, MH-17 and North Korea (and the other countries). May God open the heart of the leaders and knock their heads down. May God bless those who have to continue their lives without their loved ones. May God bless the departed souls and bring them into His eternity.

Have a good weekend!


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