Day 202: Kinder Joy

We all have our inner child. The wanting to play and fool around, the need to being spoiled or simply the drive to collect our childhood favorite toys. Is that wrong? Definitely no, unless the obsession becomes too much and limit the normal function of an individual.

Last night my husband told me that he was curious with Kinder Joy chocolate in our fridge. I told him that he could just finish it in a second. But he refused, he wanted to wait until this morning. But out of curiousity, he opened the seal and showed them to me. He resisted his wanting to eat the chocolate. I guess. Even when we are older, we still need to learn and re-learn the what so-called self control.

Anyway, not to drag the happiness too long. We shared one Kinder Joy and had a joyful start today.

You too, have a good day!


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