Day 203: Self-Rating of Public Recognition

For those who understand statistics or psychological measurement, you will understand that something is wrong with my title today.

I am not a politician, nor want to be one. But I love following the stories and the drama. Not that I addicted to it, but it is something that I can’t resist this time around. I might say that our current Presidential election is the nosy dramatic one. This is the result of a teamwork of a director who plots the story, producers who pay for the expenses, marketing teams and the actors themselves. And honestly, they play the drama very well. They are succeeding in creating confusion in the minds of lay people.

Some people are addicted to this process for the sake of being known, recognized, heard, famous. They even fill in their own self-rating to raise the numbers of their recognition.

I have to stop now, or this post will get longer with no gratification point. I am grateful that we – as a nation – still going strong as a democratic nation. Indonesia is not yet roaring as loud as she should be, but I believe the time will come. I am grateful that tonight at 8pm (90 more minutes) the Election Committee will announce the final result of Presidential Election. My prayer is still the same, may the best man wins. I think we all know who is the best man to win this battle. Let put Indonesia at the race with the world – in the hand of this new President.

Have a great journey for the next 5 years, Pak. I am your supporter for sure! God bless you.


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