Day 204: The Gift of Being Old

We grow old, for sure. The age is adding up every second we live. Sometimes we tend to avoid aging, we want to be young at all time – therefore we undergo painful procedures: plastic surgery, tummy tuck, Botox. We just hate aging process!

But this morning, when I saw an episode from Blue Bloods 4 (for the third time), I was touched by what Henry Reagan said to his family. “Sad is to be dying young without seeing their children grow up, or grandchildren to be born, or great-grandkids. Growing old is a gift.”

That was it. He nailed it!

I am sitting next to my sick Grandma in the hospital. My heart is broken and I have to hold my tears from falling down. But I am grateful to have her in my life, that she’s not being taken away from me when she was young. I remember that I used to pinch her hand and watched her old skin slowly wrinkled. We were laughing together everytime I did that. Oh, how I missed that moment!

Get well soon, Ah Ma. God bless you! And we love you.


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