Day 206: And Faith is The Only Hope

Last night, around midnight, my Grandma had another heart attack. Only two days after the first attack. I went back to her room before she was hurriedly sent to ICU. What I saw was not my old Grandma – the strong steel woman that I grew up with. I only saw a lady who’s ready to finish her journey. She said to my Aunt that she is old now.

My Grandma was born with a heart defect and she had to take medication since she was 28 years old. The doctor said that she only had 20 plus years to live. The fact is, she adds almost another 60 years to that prediction. She is 84 now.

Her faith is the one thing that I learned as I grew up. My Grandma always bless me on my head and kiss me. I always feel safe whenever and wherever I go – because God has blessed me through my Grandma. Last week, when she was hospitalized, I thought she would gave me her blessings, but she reached to me and kissed me. Ah, priceless moment!

As I write this post, I heard my Grandma snores. She had experienced sleeping problems and for me to hear her snores, simply being grateful for my Grandma. But the most important part of today was when Father Handoko, CM came and gave the sacrament of anointing for the sick for my Grandma. She was able to pray Our Father and Hail Mary with us! She did that silently in the midst of her difficulties to move her muscles. Praise God!

And when faith is the only hope for us to hold on, God assures that’s enough!

Have a good day!

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