Day 208: Someone Who Watch Over You

Yesterday, as I waited for my Aunt to open her gate, I was feeling weird – as if someone was watching me. When I turned my head around, I saw Sam! His big builded body, dark hair and strong paws were standing at the gate of his master’s house. If you see in my picture, there’s Sam on the second floor!

I believe that we all need others who can watch over us, who can have our back or simply hug us at night. This is the lesson that I’ve learned during these hard days of taking care of my Grandma. It is not the taking care process that I’m talking about – but the fact that so many people care about her. She has all of us to watch over her, especially during this time.

I am blessed to be able to take care of my Grandma, to watch over her – as she watched over my back when I was little, up until last week before she was hospitalized.

May God grant her peace in her suffering!


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