Day 210: Grandma and Us

When I started this blogging project, I did not expect that I would face this day. Today is one of those hard days when I feel really hard to be grateful. Today is one of those days when everything has turn the wrong ways. Today is the day when I saw my Grandma was admitted to a stroke unit for an intensive care. Today is the day where our love as a family is strengthen, unified and focused on Grandma.

The grandchildren in my photo today were raised by the same woman – my Grandma. A beautiful and strong woman who sat in the middle of us. The photo was taken only 7 years ago – how time flies.

My heart was ripped when I saw her being moved from the room where she has been treated for the past few days. Why so? Because we won’t be able to come close to her, massage her stiff legs and hands, or simply kiss her forehead every morning (day and night). But we believe that she’s taken care by the professionals in the field. We also believe that God loves her so much and will provide the best blessing for her.


“Grandmothers are antique little girls” (author unknown) – therefore she can get along well with us, her little girls and boys.

Love you, Ah Ma!

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