Day 213: Sinful Distractions

After living a life at the hospital for the past 10 days, today I had my distractions. My husband came yesterday and we tried to squeeze in between my ‘rooster’ at the hospital. He’s been doing his best to be with me.

Tonight, after visiting my Grandma, we went out for dinner in a place called ‘Hungry Kitten’. The place was in walking-distance from my Grandma’s house.

We ordered different set of menu and mine was totally sinful. Charged me, I’m guilty! The entree was penne with mozzarella cheese in a small bowl (or I thought so), followed by a big plate of Jambalaya rice with fried chicken. By then, I was already full! I didn’t even finish my entree. And to close my sinful dinner, I had Fried Oreo with vanilla ice cream. Oh dear! It was so good. What an irony of having a sinful dinner.

Have a good evening!


PS: thanks to my husband for being with me tonight!

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