Day 214: Loneliness Kills

Being alone is one thing, being lonely is another thing. This afternoon, when I visited my Grandma at the Stroke Unit, the nurse told me that my Grandma asked her why she was left alone in that room. That exactly was my concern when she was about to stay at the unit.

After I heard that, I couldn’t help myself but think. My mind goes around and I remember one time when we visited the elderly house. One problem that most of the elderly mentioned was loneliness. How they children ‘throw’ them away and never visited or very rarely at the most.

I am grateful that my family is here for my Grandma. I always told her that we never leave her alone, that one of us would always wait outside her room. I hope my Grandma doesn’t feel lonely and knows that she is loved. Her super love and care for us when we – the grandchildren – were young was more than enough for us to love her back.


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