Day 215: Quiet is Loud

My parents always told me to be quiet whenever I achieve something. For sure, I had my hard times to do everything against that. I wanted to be known, I wanted to be heard. In fact, sometimes I’m thinking that my blog works as catharsis for me. Anyway, I want to reflect on that topic – especially during this time to be with my Grandma.

Physically, Grandma is getting better. But we still need time to cope with her mental and psychological state now. By doing this process together, I could see who is willing to stand by my Grandma out of love VS who is too loud.

Those who are too loud would underlined their shallow presence as something deep. And yes, they sell it out on how painful it is to stay one full day at the hospital – because they care for my Grandma, they said. While those who sit there quietly – actually speaks louder. They care and therefore they are there without saying anything.

I am grateful that my parents taught me to be quiet. The sea doesn’t need to be loud when it comes to the shore. The power of its quietness is loud enough for the shore to welcome the sea.

Have a good day!


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