Day 221: (A)Typical Weekend

I’ve been trying to set aside my Saturdays as national public holiday, but I rarely succeed. This morning I delivered a seminar for secondary teachers and we had so much fun. I learned a lot from them, the expert of teaching and mentoring numerous young people. Salute for them!

After two hours of seminar, I went for a lunch date with my good friend, Apple. Bought a new pair of formal shoes for a meeting that I’m about to go next week and browsing through some shops. But that was not the end of my shopping trip. I accompanied my husband to have his haircut and finally got a white blouse and dark color skirt. Again, for the upcoming meeting. Before we head home, we went for grocery shopping. My husband wanted to stay at home for the evening and enjoy DVD. So he bought frozen fries and chicken wings. I know, unhealthy. But it is acceptable once in a while – in fact, this is the first time he bought frozen finger food for the past 8 months of being my husband.

Oh well, today is the atypical weekend for me. For I usually max out my Saturday and Sunday for yoga, long nap or enjoying movie date. But it is truly a good time to spend with my loved ones.

Have a happy weekend!


Ps: above is the photo of my diary. I love to write things down and don’t have any plan to digitalized it anytime soon.

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