Day 222: Earl Grey Tea

I’m easy to please. On hard days, just give me a big cup of earl grey tea and I forget all the hardness on that day. For the past 10 years, I was the only one in the family who favored the tea. My cousin tried it once, and she was about to throw up because of its strong smell. But the solitary journey ended this morning.

As we had our breakfast, my husband was looking for tea bags. He said that he didn’t want the usual tea brand that I consume. He dislike the smell. So I told him that I have Lipton earl grey in my big tea can. He was surprised that I own another brand. Honestly, I didn’t tell him of how strong earl grey can be. But surprise surprise! He said that he loved it! He even told me to bring the tea for our trip to Malang.

Ah, perfect Sunday morning! Have a blessed day!


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