Day 223: Gentle Reminder

I have to admit that nothing beats my level of being anxious, but my Grandma. For the last 3 weeks, I have nothing else in my mind, but her. And this afternoon, my first temptation came.

My cousin suddenly sent me a text and asked me if I use WhatsApp. I told him that I did and sent him a line to test our connection. Suddenly he sent me about 10 photos of him traveling to the US and Canada recently. He bragged about the food there and how expensive they were. Well, of course it is – if you convert dollars to rupiah, all you get is expensive and lots of zeros.

Out of need to nag, I called my Dad. His response was: “Since when you can expect people to always understand your position? He might want to get your attention with his trip. But he did that at the wrong time. Nothing else.”

Dad was right. I was over-reacting and expecting too much from others. I am grateful for his gentle reminder on this issue. I am the one who needs to shake off unimportant stressors and save myself.

Have a good day!

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