Day 226: The Stand-Out

I love airport. I do, because I could look around and see different kind of people there. Name any type you want to meet, I bet you can meet them at the airport.

Today I flew to Jakarta and while I was waiting at the airport of Surabaya, I noticed one big candy store with stand-out lighting. The decoration itself stands out, because they use circular shapes with different colors on their wall. All with the same diameter. Well, maybe some people won’t be able to enjoy it due to their specific phobia of circular shapes.

It is not against the law to be stand-out. It is never forbidden to be different – except if you’re living in cave-age countries. But it is important to be prepared to pay for the price of being stand-out. Eyes will be directed toward you. Not all of them with comfortable glare, some will not enjoy your choice. As long as you’re willing to pay for the price, execute your decision or your need to be stand-out.

While for me, I’m grateful for the invention of flats shoes and jeans. That’s my official dress code when it comes to airport.

Have a good day!

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