Day 227: Tea Overdose

“Tea tempers the spirit and harmonized mind” – Lu Yu

I had an important meeting today and prior to that, I had a hard time controlling my nervousness. But I’m grateful for my cousin who was with me the whole time. She said that we needed to go to a café and relax over tea or coffee. Since I’m not a big fan of coffee, I chose tea – Earl Grey!

While sipping my tea, we talked, took selfie of ourselves and finally I went for the meeting. It went well for I gave my best shot and let God do the rest.

Tea has been my company since long. I would need to drink a big cup of tea every night before I go to bed. My mind has associate tea with ‘relaxing’ or ‘close the day off’. Therefore, when the sun is set and the stars are bright, I know that’s my cue to make my tea.

Have a good tea day!



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