Day 228: Sweet Life

I met a lot of people in my counseling room. Most of them would say that they want to be happy. Happiness seems to be their final point in life. It seems to be the end of the journey. Too bad, life does not work that way. Uneasy as it is, life won’t provide happiness on a plate. Life will give us the chances to create our own happiness. But only the chance. The effort and the sacrifice are in our hands.

So, how to be happy?

You can read those how-to books, but I don’t know how they will help you in 8 or 10 steps. Or you can go for personal retreat next to beach – which promise happiness as the reward. But the end results won’t serve happiness for good. Temporarily, yes. But not permanent.

Happiness depends on our way of thinking. If we can train our mind to be grateful for small issue and do that continuously, then we will be able to be grateful in many situations. Positive thinking doesn’t mean that we have to fake our response, but we have different set of thinking, new set of perspectives on how we interpret the happenings in our life. If you want to have a happy life, put the effort to do so. If you need some sweetness in your life, make ones.

Have a good day!  


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