Day 230: When They Need You

I’ve been feeling restless these past few days and I am hoping to have a day off to sleep. But responsibilities won’t wait. In my job as a Clinical Psychologist, I deal with different kind of clients and their issues. Some of them affect me – not in a personal level, but it affects the way I see things around me.

Today I plan to have a full day at the library, for I have to prepare for my lectures tomorrow and Wednesday. But before I started my day, I’ve got two phone calls. And before I end my day, I had another one.

One was a friend with Bipolar disorder looking for help. One was my client with severe separation anxiety disorder and the last one was another client of mine who just had a seizure this morning.

While I did my reading and preparation, I couldn’t think any other thing beside the fact that I am living a better life compared to others. I might have personal problems, personal issues – but I still can help others through my work. No matter how hard I see my day is, there’s always a space to help others.


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