Day 231: Survived on My First Day

There’s always a first day of everything. Today is my first day of lecturing at Ciputra University for this odd semester. I have two classes in a row with 2 hours break in between. Before my first classes, I always have anxiety – wondering how I would be able to bring my students to love what they learn in my classes. That anxiety is somehow escalating, especially when I have to teach new subjects, just like today.

One of those two classes was Psychology 101. First time for me to teach fresh graduates from High School. Challenging and yet interesting. I shall update all of you by the end of this semester of how my class goes.

Have a good day, everyone!

To all teachers and lecturers out there, keep up the hardwork, your students will learn something from you. And it might change their life.

PS: Linda McDonnell (left) was one of the few people who change my life and how I see psychology, dream and hard work. This post is dedicated to her.

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