Day 243: Little Help Will Do

This is the third day after my Grandma passed away. Within these three days, I learned to see and interpret things in a different way. I used to take things for granted – especially when people offered a little help. I used to think that small gesture of help is actually equal to not helping at all. A little help won’t make any difference.

But in the midst of this situation, where all of us are exhausted and tired – we have no other options, but to help and support each other. No matter what the scale of help used.

This morning when I had my breakfast with my cousins and aunt, I saw my niece sat to my Mom and helped her to separate the good and bad fruits. Or at least, he thought that he was helping. I couldn’t help myself but laughing. My Mom didn’t feel distracted – but she felt needed and accompanied.

Little help that is offered by heart – will have the same or even bigger effects in the end. People will remember it – because it was done by love. People won’t remember the name or the social status – but surely the love.

Have a good day!

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