Day 255: Steps of Faith

I used this stairs many times before, but a few days ago I realized that the stairs look similar with the ones at my previous Uni in Aussie.

I have a big dream of moving and living abroad with my family. I have a dream of going to Holy Land with my parents. I have a dream of living in a resort next to the lake with mountain view on the back yard – while I’m writing for living. I have a dream about traveling around the globe. I have a dream to pursue my Doctoral degree in Attachment issue and be the expert in the area.

Achieving all of those dreams will not be an easy task. It takes faith. The steps of faith. Along the way sometimes I am losing hope, doubting my purpose or seeking for proof, because seeing is believing. But the steps of faith is unseen, it is believing. Therefore, we can’t do that alone – we need God.

I am going to end this post with a song from Mark Roach:

“Cause I want to live like You lived
 Love like You loved, fill me with Your grace
 I want to know Your glory, Lord show me the way
 Help me take these steps of faith”


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