Day 256: Learn From A Messed Process

We over-baked our cookies. We burned the toasts. We over-cooked the vegetables or under-cooked the meat. The point is that we are prone to make mistakes.

I am blessed to be brought up by my parents who tolerate mistakes and help me in understanding the lessons behind it. I remember that I was a happy kid. Dad bought me bicycle and let me fall all over again before I could fly with it. Mom let me do my hands-on homework and didn’t intervene. She let me gain my own point from the process.

Parents nowadays tend to avoid mistakes or wrong doing from their children. They tend to make things right, therefore the children learn to depend on their parents and unable to make their own judgment. Children nowadays are unable to tolerate mistakes – because they are not allowed to do so.

I guess, my childhood was better! What about yours?

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