Day 259: Let It Speaks For You

My Dad taught me on the concept of ‘silence is golden’. As a teenager, I was unable to grasp it. How can we be quiet when people do bad things toward us. How can we get going as if nothing happen.

But now, as I grow older – and hopefully wiser, I understand his point. Behavior of a person speaks of himself out loud. The way we eat – loud or quiet. The way we drive our car – in line or always out of line. The decision to throw our garbage out of the car. The way we dress up. The act of helping others. Those are our behaviors. Those are the images of ourselves.

I am a psychologist and I have to learn and observe on human behaviors. It amazes me on how people can build such an image by putting make up, literally put the label of their outfit as their skin or by keeping her size 0 as the standard. There no wrong on building a good image, but image is created by our behaviors. It will speak for you. It will define you.


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