Day 260: Oranje

I was a black and white person – meaning that I love to buy and wear any clothes in those two colors. For me, black and white were as good as gold. I could match them up with any other colors and guilty-free for being mismatched!

Nowadays, I changed my taste of colors. Thanks to my sister-in-law who taught me to be colorful. Orange is her favorite color and I don’t know how I could match 3 bags today in that same color. One is my laptop bag which I will put into another orange bag. And the other one is a bag with presents for my Aunt and niece.

I started to love wearing colors now and I could sense the differences. When I train my eyes with colors, I can train my brain as well to be rich in colors. Maybe one day I end up in the Oranje country and enjoying Tulips there. Fingers crossed!

Have a good day!

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