Day 261: Date with Eme

I had a date with Eme today. I supposed to see him at 5. You know what I did?

I set my day to work half day only, went home hours before the date – so I could take a nap and feel fresh. I started to get ready at 330. Took a shower, wash my hair, put the best lotions I had. And then, the electricity went down! Just before I blow dry my wet hair.

I went frantic and panic! I couldn’t go with wet hair and looked bad in front of him. It is a big day. It is an important date. Thank God, after 15 minutes, electricity went on again and I’ve got 5 minutes to blow dry my hair. I drove like crazy and managed to arrive there at 450.

There was Eme on the first row of the seats. He wore a white shirt with black jacket and white shoes. He was smiling at me and that was all I need.

Gregorius Emerson Surjali – my date! My second Godchild. Yes, I am a Godmom for Eme and today is his Christening. Indeed a big day. I pray that he will grow in faith as Catholic man – to love and fear God in his life. Aunty C loves you, Eme – and it is an honour to be your Godmom.

Thanks to my niece – my first love, my first Goddaughter, who taught me about love.


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