Day 262: Proximity and Relationship

This morning I finally made my way back to the orphanage where I used to help. After 9 months of not seeing them, I was back. The nuns who run the place told me that there’s a nun who had her ministry in Malang (my hometown) and now she is in Surabaya. When this nun came, I was in shock – because I knew her! Sister Martha was the one who had me going for weekly visitation around a slum area. Now she is here!

Later on today, I was invited to be interviewed by two assessors for a faculty accreditation. I was with two senior lecturers and they showed me how importance it is to be close to people – the important ones. The assessment went well and they didn’t really ‘assess’ formally. At the after-session chatting, those two seniors told me that at the final point, relationship is what matters the most.

Proximity with someone will certainly define our relationship. It can be close and intimate, or far and wide. It is a choice that we can always make – to be close to others or not. Both choices carry their own consequences.

Have a good day!

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