Day 264: SCYCC Recital

After Sunday mass this morning, we went to a music recital by St Cecilia Youth and Children Choir at the church hall. It was a performance by the teenagers and leaders of SCYCC to promote ministry at St Aloysius Gonzaga parish.

They practiced together for the past 4 months with guest conductor. So today was their moment of showing the hard work and effort for public.

There was one thing that caught my attention. The host repeatedly asked parents to encourage their children with musical talents to join with the parish and serve God together. It is a movement of faith for young people in Catholic Church. And I believe it takes the whole village to raise it.

Let’s participate in our parish (a reminder for me as well) and serve God with all the talents that He has given us.

Have a good Sunday!

One thought on “Day 264: SCYCC Recital

  1. thanks Cil….akhirnya ada yang nangkep dengan pesan resital kemarin……
    bukan karena hebatnya kita,…
    tetapi karena kita dipilih dan dimampukan oleh Dia…
    Yesus Kristus.

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