Day 265: Love Subjectively

You may laugh over my title. Of course, love is something subjective and we all tend to do so.

This morning I watched a movie”The Fault in Our Stars”. Pretty much dramatic, but I was affected somehow. The lesson was about love. Both of the teenage characters had cancer and they fell in love with each other. My first lesson was to love subjectively – with all the flaws and imperfections. One last scene was the moment when the male character, Augustus Waters, died by then, wrote an email and he said that being hurt by the one we love is a choice we make. The hurt itself is unavoidable, but we can choose who will hurt us. Forgive my not-so-romantic phrase, but that’s the point.

Second lesson was about family. Both of them were loved and supported by their parents. The parents can treat their cancerous children with not-so-special treatments! Therefore both Hazel and Augustus lived a normal life – in the scope of their sickness. Again, that’s love. And their parents love them subjectively.

What do you love? Or Who do you love? We shall love wholeheartedly – even though we know that we would be hurt. We have the chance to choose though. Use that chance wisely. And then love subjectively.


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