Day 267: Dating Mr Thomas

0657 am. Toast with vegemite and peanut butter on top. Hot tea. DVD concert. And Rob Thomas.

Good morning!

I am writing this enthusiastic morning post after finishing my breakfast and got stung by Rob Thomas. Not just him, but the band.

One says that the music of our youth (those good ol’ days) will most likely stay with us. He’s right! I grew up with a lot of western music – from my Dad’s collection of Lobo, Percy Sledge, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. But I also had my own stack of music – Matchbox Twenty, Bryan Adams, Firehouse, Mr Big, Suede, and those boybands (oh well!).

I bought this DVD concert 10 years ago when I was in Australia. One big piece of gold to me. Back then and still. I remembered that I watched this DVD with a dear friend from college – because back then my laptop didn’t have DVD drive, so I couldn’t watch it. I told him that I would watch the DVD when I went back to Indonesia. Then he offered me to watch the concert together with his player. Awesome evening we spent together!

Hey, have a good day!

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