Day 268: Dance With Life

Just after my class, I went down to the lobby of the campus and I saw this dance by the students. I saw them on TV and movies, but I never saw it coming my way – so close. There were two groups face to face and both groups gave their best effort to dance and attract people to give charity!

One of them was my student from Psychology 101 class and he just did group presentation a while before.

People are like that – dynamic, colorful and sometimes, they have different roles to play at different time. I’m grateful for being raised up by such a gorgeous parents who let me do things and juggle sometimes – to give me the chance of finding myself. I might not be able to dance like those young people – but I’m certainly dancing with my life. I fall. Got bruised. Swollen. And bent. But … I could always get up on my knees and dance again – with life.

Thank you, Pa – Ma … For such a foundation and comfort – just anytime, any given moment when I need one.


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