Day 269: Between NY and Coffee Bun

This morning I took a train to Malang for a business on the weekend. When I was in line to exchange my ticket, there was a loud voice of foreigner on the next locket. The officer was a young woman who did not know what to say or respond due to lack of English fluency. I did not instantly offer my help because I thought they might be able to manage it somehow.

When my turn was about to come, I decided to ask the guy if I might be able to help him. So, finally I helped him out and be the mediator between those two people. He wanted to change his ticket at 8am to Yogyakarta to 715am. But the ticket was sold out and there was no chance for him to change it. Problems solved! 

Afterward, we talked a bit about Indonesia, Australia and New York. Turned out, he is originally from New York. A place where I only saw on TV and I made a promise to myself that I will go to NY one day. Then … I didn’t expect the latter invitation. He said, if I change my mind to go to Malang, then we will take me for dinner out tonight in Yogyakarta. I was about to laugh out loud, but I managed myself. I refused his offer with some solid reason of my work and somehow, swing my wedding ring in front of him.

When I was finally sitting on my seat, I felt happy. I made my decision to refuse NY and chose to enjoy my favorite coffee bun instead. Funny! But sometimes, that’s how this life works.

Hey, have a good weekend!

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