Day 272: I Choose To Be Happy

I asked a lot of people who come to see me of what they want in life. Their answer is “I want to be happy”. Tough question with even tougher answer. How to define happiness? How we can be happy despite the circumstances?

Today, I choose to be happy. I’m a complainer big time. I complain a lot. Therefore, I need to remember that being happy or being such a complainer is a choice.

This morning, when I was at the parking lot, one young and good looking gentleman helped to push a car which was parked in front of my car and blocked my way. I didn’t ask for that and surprised when I saw that car moving behind my back. When I thanked him, he said “It’s nothing. I’m on my way out as well”.

During lunch time, I catch up with my cousin and we talked a whole lot of happenings in the past few months. I used to stay at her place and it’s been a year since I got married and lived with my husband. She paid for the lunch! When I asked her not to do it, she said “It’s nothing”.

I guess, people who do kind actions without the need to be remembered or known simply take their actions as nothing. But they simply make my day as something special. If they can choose to do kind action,we can do that too. I choose to be happy today … And hopefully springs eternal.

Have a good day!


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