Day 273: Possibilities

Our mind can play us tricks. It can bring us into imaginable land and make it happen – in our mind. Like fear, it can grows from a small seed and becoming as tall as an oak tree in a second. Weariness, negative thoughts and feelings are all prone to grow instantly in our mind.

I had a deep discussion with my mentor this morning. I shared my concern to her and she told me that I only see the possibilities with my current goggles. I have to see it with faith – not by sight. She said that there will be opportunities, moments, or even … miracle to change my current way of seeing things. She was right.

For now, I will just drop the matters. I will learn to accept things as it is. I will enjoy my present moment. And I’m grateful for the invention of coffee and coffee time. Excuse me, I am going to enjoy my afternoon coffee.


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