Day 274: What Matters

I watched ‘Sex and The City 1′ the movie for million times. I could follow the scene and conversations in the movie. The main reason I love watching that movie is because the lives of the characters are real. Single woman, married women, cheating husband, adopted child or cancelled wedding. They are real!

Second reason is very personal. I love watching movie about writer or writing. Carrie Bradshaw is a writer. Even though I have little possibility to buy her kind of books, I love her still. She has the style and the brain. I love her!

In one scene, she went for table shopping with Charlotte York. She said that the most important thing for a writer is the table. She is definitely right! I am now working hard to be able to build my dream office. For now, I work at faculty table or my own small wooden table on the floor. Sometimes I feel frustrated and wanting a table badly. But hey, this is just the start of bigger opportunities. I will build my own dream office with huge table and mega bookshelf. One day, soon!

Have a good day!


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