Day 275: I Define Myself

Lately there’s a massive post online on ’20 facts about me’. I didn’t want to do it through Facebook or Instagram. But, today I will define myself through 20 facts about me. Do you think you know me that well?

Let’s see.

1. I am a Daddy’s little girl. All grown up now, but I know that my Dad will always be there and I just need to pick up my phone.

2. I am stubborn – all the way in my blood.

3. I love Denzel Washington and own almost all of his movies.

4. The first English song that I memorized well was ‘Step by Step’ from NKOTB.

5. I love Snoopy and have more than just a shelf of collection items. You name it, I have them all.

6. My best year so far was 2004 when I had my stay in Australia.

7. I have difficulties to be committed at one workplace for full time contract.

8. I knew that I wanted to be a Psychologist since year 8.

9. I love traveling solo.

10. I love to buy books and in progress to fix my priority in reading my books.

11. My family owns the same first alphabet of our middle name, E.

12. My favorite TV show is everything crime-related. CSI, 24, Blue Blood, NCIS, Criminal Mind, Castle, Hawaii-Five 0

13. I cook daily for my husband.

14. I walk very fast.

15. Love being in a park, beach, mountain and open spaces.

16. I am not afraid of the sun. I don’t bother to protect myself from being not white.

17. Being an Aunty is the most fantastic thing. Both my niece and nephew fall in love with me!

18. Everything has to be logical. I don’t believe in such silly-unimportant-illogical beliefs. The only illogical belief that I hold so tight is my faith to Jesus Christ and His Catholic church.

19. When I feel bored, I play with my hair.

20. I am easily over-thinking on everything.

Have a good day!


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