Day 277: Friendship Stays

That’s true! Friendship stays – as long as we work hard to maintain the relationship.

Like today, I had lunch with my old friends from Aussie. Had a chat with another old friend who’s living in the US. And a phone call to another old friend from my teenage year. What a good day!

My husband always against me when I spend time and money to be with my friends every now and then. But then he started to realize something else. I’m a working woman and I don’t slack around from mall to mall (I am not a mall person!). But I do value my friends and our friendship to last long. They would never hesitate to call me when I need their help. And hopefully I’ve been doing the same thing as well.

Friendship can open any doors. Personally, it can open doors to your heart and change your wrong choice. Professionally, they can open doors, either to opportunities, or self-development. It won’t hurt.

Have a good weekend!

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