Day 278: You Live,You Cook

Living a life is like cooking. You need recipe, the correct ingredients and skills to mix them all – and turn them into a tasteful dish. You also need some instincts, when things go out of plan.

Recipe is the guidance to live our life – call it traditions, religion, social norms or any other names. It is needed to help us adjust ourselves with the rules of life. It doesn’t have to be a rigid way of living, or a rigid way of cooking. Life is rich when it is tasteful. A poor life is a tasteless life.

Ingredients are needed because without them, you can’t cook. You may buy the most expensive cooking utensils, but without ingredients, you will face the utensils as they were. Nothing. Life is also going that direction. Without knowledge, faith, hobbies, friendships and fun activities – you have nothing in your life. Imagine a robot without software, nothing. Just a hard case.

Life is also need a great deal of skills. Skills to juggle, mix things up, separate the ingredients at some other time or simply just freeze them.

But then, some life plots are not meant to follow the recipes. You may lose some ingredients, or forget to refill the gas, or your plate breaks. What to do then? Improvised. Use your instinct. It is sometimes called as the voice whispers in your heart.

Have a good weekend!


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