Day 279: Compass of Life

Last night I overheard a young couple when they read a newspaper. The guy said to the girl to read on her horoscope. And she did. She was happy afterward, because her horoscope said that this week she will be fine and close a business deal. I was pretending not to hear that – well, wish her all the best though.

When it comes to mind reading, palm reading or future reading – I’m skeptical. I mean, come on – we are not God and we don’t have the authority to foresee our future. He has that authority alone!

I am glad that I am surrounded by so many logical, and yet faithful, people. They teach me to believe in God and His plan. But also, to work hard if I ever want to make a good life. Money doesn’t come as rain pour down from the sky. Well-being is something that we need to work on – with effort.

You want to know your future? Keep you money and don’t bother to pay the fortune teller. Instead, use your time to plan up well and live a good life. You will have a better opportunities of having a good life in the future.

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