Day 280: Exam Week

Who loves exam? Not many, I suppose.

This week is the exam week in one campus where I teach. Unlike the regulation at the other campus, here the lecturer has to attend and look after the examination process. So here I am, waiting for my students to finish their papers.

They hate exams because they have to learn and give extra efforts. Two students raised their hands and told me that they give up. Those two are those who re-enrolled in my class for more than two times. Before me, there was another lecturer and they failed at least two times in her class. Now they are with me.

Seeing these young people to give up easily is overwhelming. I ask myself a lot, where is the spirit of fighting? Is there any trace of them giving their best effort despite the result?

I’m grateful that my parents taught me a hard way when I was young. My Dad always told me that in every stage of life, we will have different roles and responsibilities. If I’m a student, then do the responsibilities as one. If I’m a wife, then do so as a wife.

As I am sitting on the back of this class, I pray that they will realize on how their current choice will affect their future. If they are willing to pay more now, they will gain more later on. I hope one day they will get the understanding on the importance of fighting with their best effort.

Have a good day!

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