Day 283: World Mental Health Day

Every year on Oct 10, we have a special day called World Mental Health Day. And for this year, the topic is ‘Living with Schizophrenia’.

My journey with numbers of people with schizophrenia gave me expensive lessons about life. They taught me that our mind is a powerful weapon. It can kills others, and kills ourselves. Their delusional thoughts, hallucinations and disorganized behaviors are there in everyday life. When we strive so hard to be organized and neat, they have to fight themselves – in order to keep going with their lives. The pain is real.

Their actual condition is painful in itself, but the stigma from society is even worse. That’s the biggest cause of their despair.

I hope all mental health professionals will be able and willing to educate lay people on schizophrenia and also serve the strong foundation for their family.

Have a good day!

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