Day 285: Facing Your Dead End

Today I had to attend two wedding receptions. The first one was my classmate during Masters years, and the second one was my best friend since high school (yep, 17 years long and counting!).

Both of the couples looked amazingly happy and glowing. The venues were decorated with beautiful flowers and the meals were well-prepped. Simply to say, amazing weddings!

But, this is just their first day of being together with their spouse. The wedding day is not a ‘finally-this-day-is-here’ day. Wedding day is the time when you reset your past time and starting new. All over!

One mentor shared her reflection after celebrating her 21st wedding anniversary. She said that somehow marriage arranged the two people to face their own dead end. Each of us has our own homework to deal with – at home. Our partner is our dead end. They bear the weaknesses that we dislike, they bring their characteristics that we hope they never existed. And they also see the same essence in us. We are their dead end.

What’s next then?

Acceptance is an important element. The first and foremost. Then, hopefully by accepting our dead end in daily life, we can start to be humble and go on joyfully in life.

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