Day 286: Back to Our Root

People are like trees.

In Psychology, we have a test called Draw-a-Tree – in which the clients are asked to draw a tree. The way one person express himself or herself can be seen from the tree that they draw. Really, a picture speaks a thousand words.

As in tree, the stronger the root, the stronger the person will be. In real life, our root is our family – the values shared, the experiences together, the religion and Love among each other. Those are the roots for someone to grow healthily. Money and luxury are the additional value. It is good to have tons of luxurious goods – when the basic needs are met. If the basic needs haven’t met yet, money won’t buy anything.

If I look to where I am today, I can’t think of anything else, but my own root. With all the flaws and weaknesses, I grew up to be who I am today. As a family, we still fail each other, hurt and hate each other (dislike is a better choice of word). But yet, we stick together to find the best possible solutions for each other. Like what I wrote yesterday, that marriage put us with our dead end – so is our family.


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