Day 290: Be Small

I am consumed by the present tagline of being bold and big enough – for the world to see. I want more. More attention, more ears to listen to me, more eyes to look at me. The more the better. The more the merrier. I want to define myself as big. Or even huge.

But then, I realized that all those bigness will lead to another void – of wanting to become even bigger. I need to be quiet and listen to the small voice inside of me. And then, I saw the figure of John the Baptist. The man behind Jesus’ baptism. The man who opened the road for Jesus and His ministry. The man who was born ahead of Jesus to tell the whole world about his cousin, but never about himself.

But now, everyone knows him. Because of his smallness, his invisible work for God. I know it is not easy for me to be quiet and not visible to others, but I’m willing to try. I started to get annoyed by the loudness of this world – therefore I switched my Blackberry to Android (and now Lumia). The intrusion of broadcast message was too much for me. Not to mention the itty bitty details on others – whom I don’t know.

Let me enjoy my quietness and the thought of being small. Let St John the Baptist inspired me and pray for me. And I will pray for all of you to have such a great evening! With your loved ones.

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