Day 291: Beautiful?

I watched a TV show a while ago and the guests came from a community for big size women. They promoted the alternative point of view of seeing big size women. They said that beauty is not spelled as S-K-I-N-N-Y. Somehow that statement echoes in me.

I am not a confident woman when it comes to define beauty. I have round face, chubby cheeks, athlete kind of legs (I was at school volleyball team for years) and I don’t have thick eyebrow. I used to be thick head and even thicker ears when it comes to modify my appearance. But I guess now I’m changed. Partly, because I want to look better, and the other part is my effort to fulfill others’ wishes (or demand).

Anyway, I still need time to define what is beauty or how to understand beauty. I know peripherally that it is not the outside look that matters. But deep down, I’m still holding that question.

Anyway, have a happy weekend!

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