Day 293: May The Rock Be With You

Your president may love the jazz. He may play the sax. Or loves enjoying his classical piano. But my president … Rocks!

Today is the new beginning for Indonesia. Our new elected President will start his Presidential days today. This is the first time we are lead by a new leader, one without any connection with previous leaders nor with certain political affiliation. As an Indonesian, I do have my hope soar high for Joko Widodo.

His attitude speaks louder than his words. He is very quiet, and won’t say a thing without necessities. But once he speaks up, he really speaks from the heart.

After the formal ceremony, Jokowi and his vice President, Jusuf Kalla, took a ride with Delman (traditional horse ride) around Jakarta. He really blends up with his people, us!

All the best for you, my President. May your love for rock music really embedded in you – the symbol of being free in expressing your mind. May today will be a good start for Indonesia and us all.

God speed!

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