Day 295: Phone Call to Heaven

I feel tired lately. As if my body is not following my pace of life. And my nature would be self-blaming. I would blame myself for not exercising regularly nor rejoin my Pilates class. When the cycle of self-blame is present, I know the tiredness will double up.

Today, after I finished my two classes, I drove back home feeling asleep. I felt very tired and exhausted. But then on my way home, I drove past an adoration house. A place where I used to visit – before I moved to another part of this city. This adoration house open for 24 hours and yes, you can talk to Jesus or Mother Mary at all time.

When I sat down in front of His sacred body, I just said to God that I’m tired and overwhelmed with everything. And that was it. I dropped everything at the foot of His cross. I’m done!

As a part of my routine, I always take one bible verse randomly from the verse bowl outside the adoration room. And today I’ve got a message from Isaiah 58:9 that says “Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I”

That’s all I need.

Have a good day!

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