Day 296: A Good Day

What is a definition of a good day?

It is not easy go define one. We tend to live in the same routine, meet the same people every now and then, and do the same job. Even though it may vary, but in overall, we have routine to complete.

For me, a good day is started with breakfast. Don’t rush me while I’m having my breakfast, and I can assure you that a good start of the day is at hand. Breakfast is an important element for me and this habit is started 10 years ago when I lived in Australia. I saw my collegians ate their breakfast without rushing. Sometimes they had their books on the table or enjoying breakfast under the sun. I think it is related with habits as well. In Asian customs, we better eat in silence and as a part of routine. Breakfast is a part of our day and nothing special to enjoy.

I am not going to compare anything here. I just want to be grateful for my big breakfast today. Toast with Vegemite and peanut butter, and a fruit platter. What do you have for breakfast?

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