Day 297: Black Box

I pull out my black box today – read: first generation of iPod video. My dad gave it to me 7 years ago and since then, it has become my close friend. My black box is the one who knows it whether I need to sing out loud, or louder.

After a while of putting it in a shelf, today I decided to bring it with me. And the result was amazing! I tuned myself to the old collection of my own – especially my rock collection.

Nickelback was there. Alongside with Bryan Adams, Busted, Simple Plan and Daughtry. Aerosmith was definitely there. I smiled to the list of Toto, Santana, Firehouse and Matchbox Twenty. They were all there!

As a summary, I had such a busy day. Seeing a doctor, lunch with a friend, a session with a client and an evening class with 20 students. Now it is time for some more Nickelback and Earl Grey Tea.

Have a good day!


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